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Our Curriculum

We have opted for Finland way of learning wherein we teach with experiential way. The kids are made to do experiments and they are able to explore their inquisitive horizons to gain experience while having fun. The objective of each class’s curriculum is to let the kids form their own character with our guidance. The whole curriculum revolves around 5 basic points:

Learning with Fun, in the lap of nature

Children are taught languages as English and Hindi with continual process of recitation and dictations, which helps the child to understand and express his ideas better, hence the child becomes confident.

Story Telling

Wonderland is the area where kids get the chance to visualize their imaginative ideas, where stories from all the corners of the world are narrated and then role plays are done by the children themselves, which enhances their confidence by curtailing stage fear while imparting good morals in their personalities.

We have vegetable garden where seeds of various seasonal vegetables are sown, watered and later on plucked by the kids themselves, so as to teach them the life cycle of the plants while inculcating in them the love, power and respect for the mother nature.

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