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  • About Bubbles
  • About Bubbles
  • About Bubbles

Our Mission

Bubbles symbolizes childhood, innocence, merriment and that is our vision and aim as well.

Our Vision

To nurture the most important phase of child development in a way so as to ready the child for a better tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

In Bubbles, high quality daycare and nursery-kindergarten are considered critical for developing the cooperation and communication skills necessary to prepare young children for lifelong education, as well as formal learning of reading and mathematics.

Our early childhood education emphasizes respect for each child’s individuality and the chance for each child to develop as a unique person. Our guardians also guide children in the development of social and interactive skills encourage them to pay attention to other people’s needs and interests, to care about others, and to have a positive attitude toward other people, other cultures, and different environments.

“Early education is the first and most critical stage of lifelong learning.”

Our Key Features

24x7 Surveillance with Security Cameras:- All the areas has been secured with the cameras as the safety of the kids is of utmost importance. Parents will have the access of camera during the school time.

Finland way of Learning:- We are adopting the best way of learning in the world that is Finland way of Learning where kids gain knowledge while performing fun filled activities.

Ample Space for the Kids:- Here we have 4 beeghas of land exclusively for the kids to play, roam around and gain knowledge in the lap of nature.


The school is located in serene beauty of Doon Valley and spread in 3 beeghas of land with play grounds on both side of premises which allows ample space for children to play and learn at the same time. Experiential zone is created wherein children will be in close proximity of natural beauty. With more than 30 varieties of trees and plantations children have much more to learn


Sandpit, kitchen garden , dance, music, swings & slides, storytelling, fireless cooking, bubble bath and splash pool in summers, smart classes and much more adds to fun way of learning and imparting practical way of teaching children.

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